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About our Materials

Each product is made with precision and care to deliver the best possible quality and satisfaction to customers. Materials are ethically sourced and items are made by hand. 

What does "gold-filled" mean?

At Kairavi LLC, we consciously choose to use 14K gold-filled jewelry in our collection, and here's why.

Gold-filled jewelry, contrary to what the name might suggest, is not filled with gold but comprises a base metal like brass or copper, which is enveloped in sheets of gold. These gold sheets are affixed to the base metal through a heat-induced mechanical process, resulting in jewelry adorned with a robust layer of gold. This thick gold layer generally makes up about 5% of the total weight of the jewelry.

When comparing gold-filled and gold-plated jewelry, the distinction is clear. Gold-plated items typically contain less than 0.05% of their weight in gold, which makes gold-filled jewelry a much more durable and long-lasting alternative.

The layer of gold in gold-filled jewelry is substantial and resilient, which makes it robust and resistant to tarnishing. This attribute makes our jewelry pieces not only beautiful and high quality but also ensures they stand the test of time.

In comparison to solid gold, 14K gold-filled jewelry serves as a more cost-effective choice, bringing the timeless charm and durability of gold within a more accessible range. This thoughtful selection of material allows us to create exquisite pieces of jewelry that encapsulate the elegance of gold without being cost-prohibitive, making luxury more affordable for our customers.

Gold Filled

  • high quality 

  • best value 

  • does not tarnish or fade 

  • hypoallergenic 

  • solid layer of 5% gold by weight around base metal 

  • highest cost 

  • no tarnishing or fading 

  • hypoallergenic 

  • most gold content 

  • 14k solid gold (58.5% gold)

  • base metal 925 silver 

  • coated with thin gold layer 

  • affordable

  • hypoallergenic

Gold Plated

  • lowest price

  • tarnishes + fades 

  • thin layer of gold 

  • could cause irritation

Gold Vermeil

Solid Gold


Our colorful beads

As a contemporary jewelry designer, I've developed a profound admiration for the mesmerizing colors, textures, and uniqueness of beads from Ghana. The intricate process of creating Ghanaian beads is steeped in a rich cultural heritage, passed down through generations, and each bead carries a story and tradition.

These Ghanaian glass beads are crafted from compressed glass, which is heated until the pieces coalesce. Recycled glass is crushed and then placed in a porcelain cast, a technique first documented by John Barbot in 1746. This process produces vibrant and sustainable beads, which are not only ecologically responsible but also possess an aesthetic depth that synthetic materials fail to capture.

The significance of these beads extends beyond their physical beauty, as they are imbued with deeper cultural meanings. The varied colors of the beads each represent unique aspects of life. Brown signifies earth and stability; gold represents good health, power, and wealth; purple symbolizes royalty, spirituality, and wisdom; green embodies abundance, fertility, nature, and prosperity; white stands for light, truth, and purity; and yellow radiates energy, joy, and happiness.

When individuals wear jewelry crafted from these beads, they don't just wear an accessory; they carry a piece of Ghanaian history, culture, and symbolism. This connection to the cultural fabric of Ghana is not merely aesthetic but also emotional. The vibrant colors and the energy they represent make people feel joyful and lively, creating an immediate, positive emotional response.

This unique blend of beauty, history, and symbolic meaning makes Ghanaian beads an integral part of my design process. They allow me to create jewelry that not only looks good but also resonates with the wearer on a deeper, more personal level, sparking happiness and connection every time they are worn.


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