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Kairavi Daum is an Indian American designer and entrepreneur who believes in the power of fashion to create happiness and joy. Born in India and raised in Dayton, Ohio, Kairavi moved to NYC after college and has been able to draw on both her early roots and city style in her designs. Kairavi's love of travel and her husband Todd brought her to Hong Kong, where she lived for four years and started a clothing label bearing her name. She created "exotic boho chic ready to wear," which was designed to be timeless and ever-changing. Kairavi and her family moved to California twenty years ago and she has never looked back. She loves the creative flair of Los Angeles and the inspiration it provides.

A childhood spent looking for, but never finding, her name on keychains and necklaces created an obsession that led to her focus on personalizing items.
About a year ago, Kairavi started designing colorful beaded bracelets and custom tote bags. Her 100% recycled plastic tote bags are made by artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico, and she loves supporting the small business community both there and in Los Angeles. Fashion has the ability to make people feel special and unique and Kairavi loves mixing high and low fashion pieces, pairing her favorite Ballon Bleu Cartier watch with her signature multi-colored beaded bracelets, or an Hermès scarf with a JCrew dress. She's also a big fan of layering gold necklaces, which is driven by her other core belief - that sometimes, more is more!


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